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Stop the Nail Biting Habit  Break the Nail Biting Habit with Hypnosis

"Will you stop biting your nails!"  Every kid and adult has heard that at some time or another.  But it's just downright annoying when the habit goes on and on, regardless of the number of times you 'decide' to stop!

Without even noticing you're doing it, you absentmindedly chew those nails back into that ugly, painful condition again.

And that's the whole problem - the nail biting is 'unconscious' - you do it without even noticing. So when you make a 'conscious' decision to stop nail biting, nothing happens - the cure has to happen in a different way...

The decision to stop nail biting has to take place at an unconscious level !

Hypnosis for nail biting can help you really change your behavior, and make the choice to stop chewing your nails a real one.

We all know the difference between how it feels when we say we're going to do something and when we know we're going to do it. When you cure nail biting properly, the urge to bites your nail disappears - there simply is no struggle!

The Stop Nail Biting Habit download will enable you to know you are going to stop biting your nails.

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Testimonials for the Stop Nail Biting Hypnosis Download
Read some great feedback from our customers "unbelievably, miraculously I have actually stopped biting my nails!"

I have recently purchased the "Stop Nail Biting" download and unbelievably, miraculously I have actually stopped biting my nails! I know this will probably be a small surprise to you, but to me it is nothing short of amazing.

I am a 29 year-old and I have been biting my nails ever since I was a child. All attempts to stop it lead nowhere, I have just shifted to biting the skin around my cuticles.

I work as a university researcher and when I felt stressed or needed to concentrate, I would savage my fingers until they bled. Usually, I did not even notice that I have started biting until I felt pain.

After listening to your download for the first time, I awoke with a new consciousness about my fingers. During the day, I would sometimes put a finger to my mouth, but I noticed it immediately and stopped myself before actually doing any biting.

I listened to the download for a week and the urge to bite lessened and disappeared. I always thought, that breaking my nail-biting habit was a question of having a strong will-power and I blamed myself for being too weak.

Your download has changed my view of myself. Thank you very much! I'll keep listening. Kindest Regards.

This story came from Jessica who is working at a university.

"When the nails were too short I'd start attacking the skin around. I listened to the Stop Nail Biting Habit download two times and stopped biting"
"Dear Shahin,

"I just wanted to drop a line and let you know about the SUCCESS I had with the nail-biting download. I am 49 years old and have bitten my nails my entire life. My fingers tips were bloody stubs for as long as I can remember.

When the nails were too short I'd start attacking the skin around. I listened to the 'Stop Nail Biting' download once and stopped biting, followed through with a 2nd time a week later for reinforcement and 1 a month or two later just to make sure it stuck. I HAVE NOT BITTEN MY NAILS since the first time. I've broken a few (not used to them being that long. My husband gives my new polished nails wolf whistles. When I feel a tingle in my finger tip which used to be a call to put it in my mouth, I now give the finger a squeeze right on the tip. I am doing this before I even realize. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

I have also downloaded the depression series and am having equally great success with that. I am on the 8th session and have already incorporated a different way of thinking and responding to things and have learned to "relax myself" .. A skill I have never had. Although I am basically an optimistic, positive person I felt I was swimming upstream against what I believe was a depression that was a result of inherited genes. Now I do not see the depression as part of me, but as a (don't laugh) large black monkey that crawls on my back, and I can push him off if I want to. I see the negative thoughts not as my own but as his, and I am able to shut them off. This new attitude and approach toward life had dramatically changed my life already and I can't wait to complete the last sessions.

Please share my story with others. When people huff at me about hypnosis with nose in air, I point out to them all of the negative imagery we are force fed everyday. The newest favorite is a medication for depression that (with violins sadly playing in back) says "Depression is painful, it makes you hurt... If you are experiencing..." How many people after hearing that once or twice start feeling aches and pains??? Given a choice I prefer to feed my mind healthy images that are consistent with how I want to spend my life. I have found your downloads are very positive and reinforce that decision."

This story came from Johana  A. Pellinson

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Instant Download of all 6 Tracks>


Natural Childbirth Benefits and Advantages

Natural childbirth is a topic that attracts vigorous debate.
While some mothers advocate analgesic and anaesthetic protocols because there's little reason to endure pain, others find that natural childbirth benefits include a great sense of empowerment and achievement.

The decision regarding which approach to adopt is one that few mothers take lightly.
It certainly makes sense, if adopting the natural childbirth approach, to prepare well. Even with the best-prepared mothers- those who've diligently followed the self-hypnosis protocols of the Birth by Hypnosis or our Baby Birthing Confidence approaches, there will be times when assistance from some medication might be required.
In our experience, by far the majority of mothers using hypnosis childbirth approaches experience reduced discomfort, faster labor duration and faster recoveries.
However, even when pathology or necessary use of labor inducing/accelerating medication make the intensity of contractions so severe that pain medication assistance is necessary, mothers generally report comfortable experience prior to those medications being applied.

The most often reported Baby Birthing Confidence Natural Childbirth CD  Benefits include:
• Shorter labor durations (typically) when hypnosis is used in preparation for, and during birthing

• Children born by natural childbirth being generally more alert, and to have more interest in sucking in the hour immediately after being born.

• Mothers who use the Baby Birthing Confidence , the Jedian approach often having calmer and more peaceful babies

• Evidence of quantities of endorphins found in placenta and umbilical cords following natural childbirth has led to some thinking those may cause the birthing experience more comfortable for babies

• Relatively shorter and less stressful birthing times for women using "Baby Birthing Confidence"  techniques tend to contribute significantly to less exhaustion and quicker recoveries for mothers

• While epidural procedures have been shown in some studies to prolong pushing time, being in control during natural childbirth allows mother, especially those who've maintained a high level of relaxation using hypnosis, to push more effectively when asked by their birthing professionals

• During natural childbirth, some discomfort can assist the mother and birthing professionals to identify certain developments during the process. With one birth from some time ago of which I am aware, the mother experienced severe back pain and after a long labor, the baby was found to be in a 'posterior presentation' and forceps were then used to rotate and deliver the child. Today, birthing professionals would be more likely to react to back pain by suspecting posterior presentation and suggesting the mother adopt a different position, such as on hands and knees, to rotate the baby prior to continuing with the birthing.

• Against many expectations, many mothers using natural childbirth report 'getting back to normal' - walking and eating etc - faster and easier than with medication assisted births.

Medication assisted births are not without their benefits and are sometimes necessary, especially for longer, more difficult labors or when the mother has difficulty relaxing (often, the second factor leads to the first).
Our advice is simply this. If you'd like to have a natural childbirth, then hypnosis can provide you with many benefits. However, before your delivery, talk with your birthing professionals and take their advice. Even if you use a hypnosis birthing approach, follow the advice of your birthing professional during your birthing experience.

What are the benefits of Baby Birthing Confidence Downloadable Program?

• Dealing with any fears concerning childbirth so you can enjoy pregnancy to the fullest extent possible

• A more comfortable birthing experience

• A shorter birthing duration

• A quicker recovery

• A calmer baby due to shorter, less traumatic birth experience

for those of you who wish to have a live Hypnotherapy Session to release chronic fears and phobias, or to discuss something in person please call  RUSC (323) 680-4072
or visit our site https://www.irealself.com

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     It is our core beliefs, often things we are completely unaware of, that influence the way we think about situations, ourselves and others. Core beliefs are often at the heart of repeated problems and cycles. Often, my clients say, "I know what I am doing and just don’t understand why I keep repeating the same thing, over and over again!". The ’key’ to change is identifying the (often hidden) unhelpful belief that is holding you back, and creating a new one that works and supports you. Together, we explore your beliefs and thoughts to create healthier, more positive ways of thinking, believing and behaving, which will enable you to make the changes you are looking for.

Natural Fertility Hypnosis Audio-Therapy helps couples to conceive naturally, and also provides Hypno-Therapeutic support to women undergoing IVF and other medical procedures. Hypnosis can significantly help you to reduce anxiety and stress and increase your sense of confidence and well-being. Scientifically proven to more than double your chances of conceiving naturally and more than double your chances of conceiving with medical assistance.

(Regular: $29.99)
Today's Special Price $9.99
Stress and a lack of confidence tend to be the top culprits that must be addressed when working with client for fertility. Hypnotherapy reduces stress and increases confidence, instilling a sense of control, which maximizes chances of conceiving naturally and/or increases the success of medical assistance.

Hypnosis affects the hypothalamus, the neural center at the base of the brain linked to the pituitary gland, and controls the flow of hormones in the body. Unresolved issues about having a baby can be addressed with hypnotherapy.

It has been stated that the stress of infertility is equal to that of cancer, divorce or other traumatic events. The hypothalamus. which controls hormone production, is affected by stress; specifically, the hormones affecting the monthly release of the ovum, and preparation of the uterine lining for implantation, are likely to be affected. One of the most common tests for infertility, the Follicle Stimulating Hormone test, is taken as indicative of infertility if the score is over ten. A woman who has already had a hard time getting pregnant, and is tense about the possible “sentence of infertility” that may be given to her by an authority figure, is unlikely to be calm and relaxed…which in many cases would lead to a truer, and lower, FSH reading.

The function of hypnotherapy is to relax the person and address subconscious barriers to conception. Everyone understands that stress can cause skin rashes, headaches, and even heart attacks. If the body is under stress, the sympathetic nervous system prepares us for fight or flight,which is totally incompatible with preparation for reproduction.

"Natural Fertility Hypnosis" is one of the most powerful and effective processes available for conquering “unexplained infertility”.

(Regular: $29.99)
Today's Special Price $9.99

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Breath Works Through Kaballah Meditations:

One of Abulafia's simplest practices, popularized by Aryeh Kaplan, involves a series of head movements and breath, combined with pronouncing the Divine name.

The shortest version works by sounding out different Hebrew vowels together with the tetragrammaton (Y-H-V-H). When you do the practice, you'll want to sit comfortably in a place where you will not be disturbed, and allow the eyes to close. One begins with the first letter of the Divine name, Yood, and pronounces with the yood the vowels Oh, Ah, Ay, Ee, and Oo. Each vowel has a corresponding head movement, which resembles the way the vowel mark is written in Hebrew: with Oh the head moves up and back to center, Ah to the left and back to center, Ay to the right and back to center, Ee down and back to center, and then Oo forward, backward, and back to center. Move your head with the breath: on each inhale you move away from center, then on the exhale, pronouncing the sound, you move back. So, it looks a bit like this:

Inhale - move head upward
Exhale - move head back to center, pronouncing Yoh
Inhale - move head to the left
Exhale - move head back to center, pronouncing Yah
Inhale - move head to the right
Exhale - move head back to center, pronouncing Yay
Inhale - move head downward
Exhale - move head back to center, pronouncing Yee
Inhale - move head backward
Exhale - move head foreward, backward, center, Yoo

You then repeat that process with the letters Hey, Vav, and then Hey again.

As you repeat the process, make sure to breath deeply and inhale all the way to your diaphragm.
after each inhale hold your breath for about 3 seconds and then exhale with the proper letter twice as long.

This process allows the Ketherian Chakra and the Heart Chakra to be united leading to greater levels of happiness and unification inside the body which leads to Yikhud.

There are many layers to this practice. On the esoteric level, notice that since you're permuting each letter of the Divine Name with each vowel, somewhere in there you have pronounced the ineffable name of God. On the more practical level, the complexity of this practice really focuses the mind. You can be thinking about mortgages, tests, and kids when you start, but in order to keep it straight, those thoughts just have to leave. Moreover, this is just the simplest level of the practice. As you develop, there are more and more complicated versions. One is to visualize the letters and vowels as you pronounce them. Another is to combine Divine names, such as YHVH and ADNY ("adonai"), and rotate through the vowel-sequence with the two names. You can even do one name backward and the other name forward.

Now, if this is approached as a sort of parlor trick, it's not very interesting or uplifting. But look closely at what Abulafia is doing: focusing the mind, and training the mind and body to work together. And all in a system that expertly pushes distracting thoughts away.

The results can be amazing. For example, there's a version of the practice above in which you rotate through the vowels on the exhale. Instead of just inhaling, you pronounce a vowel and move the head on the inhalation. So it sounds like "Oh-Yo... Oh-Yah..." etc., then "Ah-Yo, Ah-yah," then "Ay-yo, Ay-yah," and so on. The practice takes about twenty minutes, if you don't rush. Usually, when I finish it, I've really got YHVH in my head -- I can imagine the letters of the name imprinted on whatever else I'm seeing: trees, people, traffic jams. And that is the truth, isn't it? That the trees and people and cars are just the skin of the Divine? Isn't that the simple truth we've been trying to wake up to?

If you are interested in learning more about Abulafia, there is no substitute for practice. You must experience with the breath first.

However, don't get too fancy too fast. Try the above practice first, perhaps setting aside twenty minutes each day for a few weeks. Observe what happens to the mind; see how you feel afterwards. If you find the practice has become too easy, add one of the extra layers suggested above until you really have to concentrate in order to do it. Again, with only the introductory practice, it's not as if you're going to attain prophecy overnight. But it's a start.

View the Universal Chakra Chart
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Universal Chakra Chart by Shahin and Tania Jedian TM
<![CDATA[Excerpts from the Album "Sleeping Beauty" by Shahin Jedian CHT, NLPP, Spiritual Guide  ( Sleep Disorder Specialist)]]>Wed, 08 Aug 2012 03:20:38 GMThttp://hypnotherapybyshahin.weebly.com/mp3-store-blog/excerpts-from-the-album-sleeping-beauty-by-shahin-jedian-cht-nlpp-spiritual-guide-sleep-disorder-specialist

This Album is an Audio-Therapy program that has been helping thousands to improve sleep patterns, overcome insomnia, dream deeper and achieve a very relaxed state through progressive muscle relaxation.
To get access to the complete Album please Click Here

You may also Download Track one for Free Right Click Here and "choose save link as" to download MP3 Audio
Never use while driving a car or operating machinery. Count yourself up from 1 to 10 at the end of the recording and come back to normal waking consciousness. This is the first few minutes of the longer recording you can purchase, positive suggestions appear in the full recording once you are in a deep state of hypnosis. Click Here
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Includes Facial Relaxation and Anti-Aging Hypnosis
<![CDATA[Creating Your Destiny: A Future Life Progression by Shahin Jedian CHT]]>Wed, 08 Aug 2012 02:43:24 GMThttp://hypnotherapybyshahin.weebly.com/mp3-store-blog/creating-your-destiny-a-future-life-progression-by-shahin-jedian-cht
Buy Create Destiny Future Progression Album
Is Time an Illusion? Could it be that all your future is locked in to the thoughts and energy that you are holding now, if that is true, then you can alter your future by changing your unhealthy beliefs of the now..but wait, what if you can see your future based on the roots you have planted in the now?...That is exactly the purpose of this audio Hypnosis program. You will begin to experience your future based on who you are now and you will learn subliminal tools to recreate your destiny by this awareness. You will also find access to gems of information and vibrations that are locked inside your sub-conscious, through the DYP System formulated by Shahin Jedian, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.

Released by: Create your Destiny Guided Meditation
Release/catalogue number: 34343538798
Release date: Jan 1, 2012
"Creating Your Destiny / Future Progression Guided meditation by Hypnotherapist Shahin Jedian" by HypTunes is licensed under a Creative Commons License
<![CDATA[Featuring 66 Guided Meditation Albums                                       by  Shahin Jedian CHT, NLPP, BTL]]>Wed, 01 Aug 2012 06:46:24 GMThttp://hypnotherapybyshahin.weebly.com/mp3-store-blog/66-featuring-66-guided-meditation-albums-by-shahin-jedian-cht

<![CDATA[Achieving Emotional Freedom Now and Forever, Complete Album]]>Tue, 31 Jul 2012 23:59:35 GMThttp://hypnotherapybyshahin.weebly.com/mp3-store-blog/achieving-emotional-freedom-now-and-forever-complete-album
***Segments from the Achieving Emotional Freedom Program

Download Album
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Main Benefits:

  •  Detachment from overwhelming Emotions- Viewing your life Objectively
  •  Learning to create a special place for nourishing who you are at the Core
  •  Experience a Sub-Conscious Change that leads to a Happier life
What people are saying about the Author:
"Shahin Jedian has been gifted with this ability to rapidly zoom in to a person's potential and awaken a picture of your ultimate self, in a tangible down to earth fashion."  Shiva Mehrannia

"When I first met Shahin, I just could not believe that he was for real. Shahin helped me to take all my broken pieces into the light. He helped me to see myself for who I was, broken but, unique and special. He helped me to see how my creator see's me. ..." Toni Christensen

“Shahin's  has a special gift to see through people, and create a picture of your ideal self and help you get there.”  Kavoos Farnoush
Program Title: Achieving Emotional Freedom Now and Forever
Media Type: Audio
Other: Includes an eBook Instruction Manual for how to best utilize the Audio Program
Number of Programs Included: 4
Format: MP3
Program Includes:

Track 1: Introduction to Achieving Emotional Freedom                                                         
Track 2: Gateways to the Sub-Conscious Mind Hypnosis
Track 3: Contacting the Inner Child Meditation
Track 4: Releasing the  Black Bags- Energy Renewal

Total Program Duration: 
55 Minutes

by:Shahin Jedian CHT, NLPP
Background Music:Alpha and Theta + Ocean Sounds

Description and Discussions:
All experience is an interpretation of your mind. What I am pointing out to you is beyond your mind. It is beyond your thoughts and emotions—especially your emotions! Emotions are subconscious thoughts and beliefs for the most part. They come up quickly and you feel, "Well, this must be real and true because I can feel it in my stomach and chest!" NO! You feel strong emotions and  thoughts because you are conditioned and programmed. And you did not even know you were being programmed as a child and as an adult. Even now—everything you experience is your programming. This is all I can experience—my programming. What else can I experience?

To look for peace and well-being in thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences—you are DOOMED!  To believe the idea, "I get it intellectually, now I need to get it experientially,"—you are Doomed ! Why? Because you will get it experientially, and then you will hear a knock on your door, only then.

Whatever your thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences are—let them be!  Thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences are not an accurate reflection of who you are. They are not an accurate interpretation of what is happening. And you have no other way to know or experience what is happening apart from thoughts, emotions and sensations. So what are you going to do? Working in the realm of experience you go from one dream to another—the dream of seeking and suffering to the dream of enlightenment—which is even worse!

YOU ARE DONE—NOW! Finished. No mas. There is no way you could ever prove to yourself that you have got it. You cannot have the thoughts, emotions, sensations or experiences that tell you, "I’ve got it now!" Why? Because there are no such thoughts, emotions, sensations or experiences that are the stamp of approval that says, "I got it!"  There is no such stamp of approval. So what are you waiting for? You are waiting for NOTHING!

  Now, moment to moment as thoughts, emotions, sensations and stories arise—you are free of all experience. Your experience is not an accurate representation of reality—you have no way to know or experience reality. You experience your own conditioned beliefs. You say, "I know I did not wake up yet. I knew I would not get it. I know I do not understand." What? Wake up from your own fake world—all of that bulls....! You are already awake—this aware presence here and now.

Your thoughts are not an accurate representation of who you are or what the world is. Your emotions are not an accurate representation of who you are or what the world is. You have no way to know the reality of what is happening apart from your mind—which is delusion. Your reality is delusion. All knowledge and experience is delusion. Whatever you are experiencing is delusion. Delusion is all there is.

Now you are free. Now you experience a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming while awake and lucid dreaming while asleep—all a lucid dream. Whether your eyes are closed and you are unconscious and asleep, or your eyes are open and you are conscious and awake—you are dreaming of the world. Not as a theory—RIGHT NOW. Right now you are experiencing your own programming. Whether you agree or disagree it does not change the fact—you are experiencing your programming and conditioning. And there is no way you can experience anything else. This is why you can let your thoughts and emotions be as they are. Leave them unchanged, unmodified—they are irrelevant.

Once you start trying to change thoughts and emotions, picking and choosing experiences, you are playing in a illusion world. You have loose emotions, and you say, "I do not like this experience. I want different thoughts and emotions." So you pick up some other crap etc emotion.... "Now I have another illusion on top of this..!" Leave it alone! Let it be! 

Yaakov:  That is funny. 

Leah: This natural perfection is here now and is untainted by illusion. It is present and aware here and now. This is the fundamental truth. Everything else is illusion—so let it be. Leave alone your thoughts, emotions and experiences. If you are looking for better emotions, you are looking for fake-ness ! Y

This present moment of aware presence is absolute freedom. Be aware and let it be.

Leave alone your thoughts and feelings—and your relationships—oh, God! "If I could just get my relationships ironed out, then I could live in peace!" Please!  CONDITIONS

Dill:  So all the great techniques, and technological consciousness systems—it is all crap?

Shaine: What you believe is real and true, you will experience as real and true. If you believe in a system then you will experience the system as real and true. You may have one-hundred steps in your enlightenment system and you believe in it. And now you are on step twelve—that is your experience! You cannot deny your experience. "I am on step twelve of the one-hundred step awakening system. Boom! Here I am. You cannot tell me I am not. I say I am." So that is your experience. I say it is bull...!  I do not care what anybody says, "Well, you are only on step forty-two."  .......!  There are no steps!

Sven: The steps are imaginary.

Shaine: Yes. WAKE UP!

Either you believe your thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences are an accurate representation of the truth of who you are—or you do not.

Freedom is beyond knowledge and experience. Freedom is beyond thoughts, emotions, sensations and experience. Freedom is beyond the mind. Freedom is beyond your world of experience.

Now you have seen through the movement of mind and emotion. You have seen through the mental and emotional stories that were playing in your head about who you are—in your relationships, your career and your whole life situation. All those mental and emotional stories are false. Not one of those stories can define or describe who you are or what the world is—not one of those stories is true. Not one!

Do you see and feel how absolutely liberating this is? There is nothing your mind can tell you about yourself that is true. NOTHING! So, now what are you going to do? How and what are you going to seek? How will you know when you have attained?


End of story! Now you are absolutely free—you are beyond knowledge and experience. You are absolutely liberated from all thought, emotion and sensation. Now you are absolutely liberated from all of the human experience. You are absolutely liberated from the tyranny of me—me-myself-and-I.  Now you are free of the tyranny of mind—the bullshit of mind.

Vida: Why do you use the word liberated?

Shaine: Bondage is when the mind believes in and suffers over its own stories about 'me' and the world. Right now, if your mind believes that the thoughts and emotions arising in you are an accurate description of who you are, then the mind is bound by its own limiting beliefs—the mind is bound by itself—and it suffers.

Liberation is when the mind realizes its own ignorance. Liberation is when the mind realizes its own limits. Liberation is when the mind realizes that all its knowledge is false—and this realization is the highest knowledge! Now you are beyond knowledge and experience. Now you are absolutely liberated from all knowledge and experience. Now you are beyond the mind—absolutely free! THIS is liberation.

Now, I am present and aware. I know all objects of awareness are my own mind—and my own mind knows it is CLUELESS!

What I am, this aware presence, is looking out through these eyes, looking out through everyone’s eyes. What is looking out through those eyes right now? There is something looking out through those eyes, listening through those ears, sensing through that body—what is this? This is the fundamental truth of what we are.

We can call it awareness or consciousness. Awareness is like space. It is not a thought. What is aware of thought? It is not an emotion. What is aware of emotion? It is not an experience. What is aware of experience? I am this space-like awareness that is aware of everything.

What I am—this aware space—is absolutely liberated. This aware space never had a problem. What I am is liberation—this aware space that is looking out through these eyes. The space between you and I is the space of consciousness. This space is free.

The space of this room is not affected by the flickering flame of the candle, or whether people are in this space or not. There is space here. This is the space of what I am—this aware presence. And it has always been free and liberated.

As this consciousness, it is impossible to have a problem—unless the mind believes in a problem. When the mind questions its own beliefs: "Is this a problem? How do I know it is a problem? I do not have a clue! I do not know what a problem is!" And when this mind says there is a problem—I know that it is not true. I know that this mind has interpreted something as being a problem and it seeks an idea for a solution. This mind believes in suffering, it believes in seeking, and it believes in the attainment of enlightenment—all bullshit. This aware space does not need to be enlightened. This consciousness that is here now has no problem, was never seeking, and can never attain anything. It does not matter what comes into this aware space that I am—it is all bull...!

Vida: And so that is only true when you are aware of consciousness, or this space?

Shaine: When the mind believes there are limiting conditions for liberation, the mind experiences those limiting conditions as if they are real! When the mind believes, for example, that liberation only happens when there is awareness of consciousness—however you phrased it...

Vida: Awareness of awareness...................................................

<![CDATA[  Integrating your Career with your Life Purpose Complete Album]]>Tue, 31 Jul 2012 19:55:13 GMThttp://hypnotherapybyshahin.weebly.com/mp3-store-blog/-integrating-your-career-with-your-life-purpose-album
We all experience at times , the feeling of not being in touch with the bigger picture. We all have those gaps between who we are and the time we spend at work ,  the majority of our time. This Audio program will help you
to get in touch with that part of you that knows innately how to be unified in your talents. It will guide you with a  subtle voice of transformation. This recording will help you unconsciously resolve your inner conflicts of life and  to create an integration with your core parts inside.

<![CDATA[Access your Purpose]]>Mon, 30 Jul 2012 20:03:13 GMThttp://hypnotherapybyshahin.weebly.com/mp3-store-blog/access-your-purpose